Adam can cool with Elga, but not automatically.

There is a difference between how Anna and Adam can control the Elga. Elga only supports cooling automatically controlled by the thermostat when dip switch B2 is off. Because with Adam dipswitch B2 must be on, automatic cooling does not work with the Adam. Control cooling with the cooling button on the Elga and set Adam to cooling. For more information about cooling, visit the Remeha website.


Anna works out with dip switch B2

The Elga itself has a control that can determine how hot the water should be and when the boiler should be switched on. The Elga only looks at the set room temperature of the thermostat for this. The Elga then ignores the requested water temperature from the thermostat. That is why dip switch B2 at Anna must be Off (ignore what the thermostat asks, but calculate it yourself).

Adam works with dip switch B2 on

Adam can work with multiple zones. So there can be several set zone temperatures. Elga's scheme can't handle this. For example, if the highest zone temperature is requested from the Elga, the amount of heat required may differ each time at the same room temperature required because it may concern 1 zone or several zones. For Adam, therefore, dip switch B2 (weather dependent) must be set to On. With this Adam can now regulate to the required water temperature and thus request the correct amount of heat (depending on the demand of the zones). The advice is to set the control to Eco on the Adam in menu> settings> heating system> heating> heating profile, so that the Adam will require slightly less higher temperatures and the Elga will switch on the boiler less quickly.