You can connect an OpenTherm thermostat to Adam. This allows you to make your existing OpenTherm thermostat smarter by connecting it to an Adam. With Adam you can then start using schedules, control the thermostat remotely and heat more economically by adjusting heating settings.

To adjust the set temperature of the OpenTherm thermostat, Adam uses the so-called “override” functionality in the OpenTherm protocol. Adam sends the set room temperature to the thermostat via OpenTherm. It is then up to the thermostat to do “something” with this information. Thermostats that use OpenTherm do not always use this information in the same way. It may be that your thermostat does not support the functionality or that the functionality is not enabled by default.

Some thermostats that have been tested and work:

  • Plugwise Anna 24V
  • Honeywell Round Modulation
  • Honeywell Chronotherm Touch
  • Itho Daalderop Spider (temperature set via Adam HA is not visible on the Spider)
  • Remeha iSense (in some cases after contacting the helpdesk)
  • Remeha eTwist (indicates a measured temperature of 0 degrees every hour for a few minutes)
  • Atag One

OpenTherm thermostats that don't work with Adam:

  • Nest V3 (Learning thermostat)


Is your thermostat not in the overview or is the operation different from that stated? Then contact us.