You need the following to make the Remeha eTwist work with Adam:

  • Remeha eTwist including Gateway (7690860)
  • Do you have an eTwist without a gateway (7672429)? Then you still need the eTwist Gateway (7690860).

The Remeha eTwist thermostat needs extra power. That is why the R-BUS input of Remeha central heating boilers has extra power. You should never connect Adam to the R-BUS. Adam may then receive too much power and could be damaged.. Connect Adam to the Remeha boiler on the OpenTherm or on/off connection.

Adam does not supply enough power to the Remeha eTwist via the thermostat connection. To solve this you need a Remeha eTwist including Gateway. You put the eTwist Gateway between the Adam and the Remeha eTwist. On the side of the Remeha eTwist there will now be extra power for the eTwist.