Follow these steps to reset the WiFi connection and reconnect the Adam to WiFi:


1 - Delete the network settings (optional)


Press the black button on the Adam for 5 seconds: the middle (STATUS) light flashes 5 times, the top light (WLAN) then flashes quickly. The network settings are deleted. Wait for the Adam to restart; the middle (STATUS) and top (WLAN) lights blink regularly.



Then follow the steps in the instruction video that you can find here:


The fastest way to connect the gateway to the internet is WPS (if the router supports it), as also explained in the instruction video above.


  • First you activate WPS on the router, and shortly afterwards you activate WPS on the Adam, by pressing the black button for 2s.
  • The gateway will be automatically connected to the wifi.
  • As soon as the gateway is connected, the WiFi LED will flash (communicate) irregularly fast, then the gateway will automatically reboot once.

Or continue with the steps below.


2 - Connect with the Adam

  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Adam's Wi-Fi network that starts with "smile_", for example "smile_a12bc3".
  •  For the password, enter the ID in lower case, so do not use capital letters. The ID consists of 8 letters and is printed on a label on the back of the Adam.
  • Your phone may give a message that there is no internet, it doesn't matter for now, continue with the next step.

3 - Connect the Adam to your WiFi network

  •  Navigate in the web browser of your smartphone / tablet / laptop to
  • The “Settings”> “Network settings” page appears automatically.
  • Press "Scan" and select your own WiFi network.
  • Enter the password of your own wifi network.
  • Check that DHCP client is on, if not turn it on.
  • Save the settings.



4 - Wait for Adam to connect to the internet

  • Wait for the Adam to reboot; the middle (STATUS) light is steady. When the Adam is connected to the network, the top (WLAN) light flashes.



  • Make sure you reconnect your smartphone / tablet / laptop to the Wi-Fi network on which you have just set up the Adam.

5 - Use the Plugwise Home app

Install and open the Plugwise Home app from the store:

Use the ID to add the Adam. Entering a name is not required.