iSense firmware versions 19 and higher support the override functionality. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Menu> Settings> User settings. > User level and set the level to Advanced.
  • Then go to Menu> Settings> Installer> External input / External access and select Allow.
  • Remove the iSense from the wall and replace it so that Adam recognizes the new setting.
  • Make sure that no clock program is active on the iSense and that the iSense is set to “continuous program” and preferably set it to the minimum desired temperature, for example 16 degrees.

Points of attention for the iSense:

  • After changing the set temperature on the iSense, it can take up to a minute before the iSense reports this to the Adam and thus becomes visible in the app.
  • After changing the set temperature on the iSense, it sometimes sends the new setpoint to Adam in ascending order. For example, if you set 20.0, then the adam will first be sent 19.7 and that will increase to the set 20.0 for a few minutes.
  • After changing the set temperature in the app, it can take up to a minute for the iSense to take over the temperature. In the meantime, the iSense can display the original “continuous program temperature” as the set temperature.
  • The measured temperature displayed on the iSense can deviate strongly from the temperature transmitted to the Adam and thus the temperature displayed in the app.
  • When the iSense no longer responds to the changes via the app, please wait half an hour and try again.
  • Have you adjusted the set temperature via the app and does it return to the previous set temperature within a few minutes or an hour? Then please contact the helpdesk.