You can already use partial zone control if you have an Adam HA with 1 Lisa, 1 Tom and an OpenTherm thermostats. There is a good chance that your current thermostat already supports OpenTherm and is therefore suitable for connection to the Adam HA.

You can install the partial zone control as follows:

  • Connect the Adam HA to the boiler. The Adam HA will control the boiler.
  • Install Lisa and Tom in the room that you want to control separately, such as the office.
  • You connect the OpenTherm thermostat in your living room to the Adam HA.


The partial zone control will then work as follows:

  • The thermostat in the living room works as it did before. If you set the temperature higher, hot water will flow to all radiators in all rooms that are open. The difference, however, is that only the radiator in the office now remains closed when it has no heat demand.
  • If the work room has a heat demand, the boiler will turn on and hot water will flow to the work room and all other rooms in your house that have the radiators open. The living room will also become warm, even if there is no heat demand there.




  • If the living room was already warm enough with only 1 thermostat, the boiler would go out. Even though the study was still too cold.
  • The same applies the other way round. If the living room was too cold, the boiler continued to heat. Even though the study was too warm.
  • You now have more control over the temperature of the study. You can set a schedule for this and set the temperature to half a degree.



  • Not all radiators have a Tom. When the office is heating, all other radiators in other rooms will also heat up. They cannot be automatically closed. 
  • Because the living room heats up when the office heats up, the Adam HA cannot properly learn how quickly the living room heats up. This can cause the living room to start preheating too late or too early on a schedule.