2,4 Ghz

The signal of a wireless WiFi network is transmitted on a frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. The gateway (Adam, Anna, Smile P1) can only connect to a Wi-Fi network if it is set to 2.4 GHz. You can find the set frequency under your router settings.

Sufficient WiFi range

It is also important that there is sufficient WiFi range at the location of the gateway. For example, the Anna or Adam are near the boiler. When your smartphone indicates that there is a WiFi range of at least 2 reception lines, you can assume that this is sufficient to connect the gateway to the network.

Is the gateway already connected to a WiFi network? Then you can view the network quality in the web interface or app. Make sure your device is connected to the same WiFi network that you connected the gateway to.

Open the app or login via the web browser and go to connect.plugwise.net. Log in with the gateway ID.

Go to Settings> System> Network via the menu and look under Network information for Signal strength and Connection quality.

The signal strength is expressed in dBm:

  • -30 dBm - Excellent - Maximum signal strength
  • -67 dBm - Very good - Reliable signal strength
  • -70 dBm - Moderate - Minimum signal strength for reliable connection
  • -80 dBm - Not Good - Unreliable signal strength
  • -90 dBm - Unusable - Connection probably not possible

In addition to the signal strength, the background noise also affects the quality of the connection. If the quality is very low, the connection may be unreliable.

If the network quality is insufficient, you can find a number of tips here to improve the WiFi signal.

Wifi channel 13 may not be suitable

The WiFi channel 13 is not supported by every gateway version. First check for updates if you have the latest firmware version. Still not working? Then contact us.

Guest network not suitable

A guest network often has extra security so that other devices on a guest network cannot see each other. You can recognize a guest network by the name guest / guest / visitor. If you try to open the gateway in the browser or app it will not work.

Why do other devices work on a guest network?

Do you have another device such as a camera connected to a guest network? And that camera does work, then it is very likely that that camera will upload all data to the cloud. Your browser or app then downloads all information from that camera from that cloud. The Plugwise gateways all store the data themselves. The data therefore always remains on your Plugwise gateway. Very nice for your privacy, and you are not dependent on our cloud.