There are two Homey apps available with which the Plug can work together with Homey.

Plugwise app for Homey


The official Plugwise app for Homey. This connects the Adam gateway to Homey at API level. In Homey you can then add the Plug from Adam.


  • Official app supported by Plugwise
  • Take advantage of Adam with all the smart zone heating features


  • You need an Adam HA as a gateway

Plugwise zigbee app for Homey


This is an app from the community. This connects the Plug to the Homey at zigbee level. You don't need Adam, but you'll miss all the smart features of Adam and the zone control.


  • You don't need an Adam gateway
  • Ideal if you only want to use the Plug without zone heating


  • The Plug can not switch automatically on the basis of a heating demand.
  • The heating behavior per zone is not learned, which is the influence of the outside temperature, sun and wind per zone, and the weather forecast for the next 48 hours is not used.
  • Preheating cannot be done by means of a schedule in which it is calculated per zone how long in advance the Plug must be switched on if it is electrically heated.
  • It is not automatically checked whether the Tom/Floor are open before switching on the Plug of the circulation pump.
  • You will not receive any firmware updates for the Plug.