In Adam HA's zigbee network, devices have one of the following roles:

  • Router: A zigbee device that is a Router has a better range and can forward messages from other devices. If a device is set as a Router, you will get a better network quality.
  • End Device: A zigbee device that is an End Device has a lower power consumption and a lower range.

A device that you register with Adam HA takes on a different role based on the power source:

  • A device with a USB power supply or plug becomes a Router upon registration. Floor does not support batteries and is therefore always a Router.
  • A battery powered device becomes an End Device upon registration.

Here's how to adjust the role of your zigbee device:

  • Log in via or open the app.
  • Go to Setup > Appliances via the menu at the top left and select your appliance.
  • Click on Delete and then on Remove from network.
  • Adjust the power source.
  • Connect your appliance again. The device becomes a Router with USB power or an End Device with battery power.