1. Cool feature

To be able to cool with the Loria / Thermastage heat pump, you need the Cool feature.

First check if you already have it:

  • Click top left to menu
  • Go to Settings > System > System
  • Click on the blue information icon to the right of the ID
  • In the screen with active features you will see Cooling

Is there no cooling? For more information, visit https://www.plugwise.com/product/cooling-feature/?lang=en

2. Set up Loria / Thermastage

The parameters on the Loria / Thermastage must be set correctly in order to be able to cool. Go to the parameters by pressing and holding the button with the wrench on the Loria / Thermastage for 5 seconds.

Check whether the following parameters are set as follows:

Parameter 6 - general cooling authorization : 1 (allow)

Parameter 34 (if present) : 1 (allow)

Parameter 40 - cooling permission (circuit 1) : 1 (allow)

For more information, see the Loria / Thermastage R410A installation manual: