What is readjustment or post regulation?

Traditionally, you always connect a thermostat to the heat source, such as a central heating boiler or heat pump. The thermostat then turns on the heat source to start heating when there is a heat demand. With some other systems such as district heating, block heating and some heat pumps with a buffer tank, there is always continuous heating. Hot water always flows around as soon as you open a radiator. Sometimes there is also no thermostat present. You only regulate the heating by opening or closing the radiators. We call this readjustment or post regulation, there is always heating and afterwards you determine which radiators are heating.

How does the Adam HA work by default?

By default, the Adam HA assumes that it is connected to a heat source via OpenTherm or On/Off. With the Plugwise zone control, the last zone that had a heat demand therefore always remains open by default. After all, the boiler / heat pump is switched off and no heat flows through the heating system.

This has several advantages:

  • Saves batteries with a Tom radiator valve. It is possible that this zone will soon be the first to have a heat demand again. Tom has not closed and opened unnecessarily, which saves batteries.
  • Works better for the boiler and heat pump. Some boilers and heat pumps after a heat demand keep pumping for a while in order to get rid off the heat. If all radiators / underfloor heating are then closed, the boiler / heat pump pumps against a possibly closed system, which can be unfavorable with some boilers / heat pumps.

When and how do you set the Adam HA as an readjustment / post regulation?

With district heating, block heating, heat pumps with a buffer tank and other systems where hot water flows continuously, it is necessary to always close the last zone. With these systems, hot water always flows around, even when there is no heat demand.

Install Adam HA with readjustment / post regulation:

  • Adam HA does not have to be connected to the heat source
  • Set Adam HA as post-control: Go to settings > heating system > advanced settings > Always close valves. Turn this on and click save.
  • At the advanced settings also set the temperature of the heat source. Adam HA uses this temperature to calculate with.