Flame visible

The flame in Adam's screen is always shown when the flame in the cauldron is on. This applies in the following situations:

  • There is heating. One or more zones have a heat demand. The flame does not show which zone that is. The orange circle of the zone and the radiator icon indicate whether the zone is heating.
  • It is preheated. One or more zones have an active schedule and will preheat up to 4 hours in advance.
  • Hot water is used such as tap water or the shower. If Adam is connected via OpenTherm, a tap is displayed. With on/off boilers a flame is displayed.


Adam consciously keeps heating up a bit

It is possible that a zone continues to heat when the set temperature has already been reached in the following situations: 

  • Adam ensures that the room remains at the right temperature. For example, Adam can heat the zone at a low temperature. So it does not have to mean that the room will get warmer if Adam continues to heat, it will prevent it from cooling down. Furthermore, with the Comfort heating profile, the set temperature is seen more as the lower limit. With the Eco heating profile, the set temperature will be seen more as an upper limit. Standard is in between these two profiles.
  • To prevent a boiler or heat pump from being switched on and off too quickly for short periods, the temperature may be slightly above the set temperature. With heat pumps, the temperature may be up to 0.5 ° C above the set temperature. As a result, the heat pump's compressor is switched less often, which is beneficial for its service life.
  • In a zone with only one Tom, the temperature may rise to 0.5 ° C above the set temperature. Because Tom is right next to the heat source, the temperature measurement is less accurate and a larger margin is allowed

Other causes

If the above situations do not apply, then something else is going on. There may be an installation error or a combination of factors leading to unwanted behavior: 

  • If no zone has a heat demand and is not preheating, Adam may be connected incorrectly to the boiler. When Adam is in OpenTherm mode and connected to the boiler on the on / off connection, this works as a continuous on signal. Adam must then be connected to the OpenTherm connection. Another option is to put Adam in on / off mode in the settings. To do this, go to the web interface (connect.plugwise.net) or in the app to Settings (only if you are on the same WiFi network). Then click on Settings> Heating system> Boiler> Update boiler protocol.
  • Do you have a heat pump and is the heating profile set to Eco? It is possible that Adam waits too long before switching on the heat pump. Go to Settings> Heating system> Heating via the menu and set the heating profile to Standard or Comfort.
  • Does the heating stay on after you have used hot tap water or have taken a shower? There may be a problem with the boiler three-way valve. A three-way valve ensures that hot water goes to your heating system or to hot tap water/shower. If there is a problem with the three-way valve, the valve can no longer move properly. There may be either no heating or no domestic hot water. What can also happen is after hot tap water/shower has been used that hot water continues to flow, but then to your heating. This can sometimes stop automatically when the boiler has to switch on for heating, causing the valve to move. In that case the heating could have been switched on incorrectly for example for a few hours. In this case, the advice is to contact your installer.
  • Do you have underfloor heating and radiators? With underfloor heating, Adam can already start the boiler or heat pump at a very low desired boiler temperature. Go via the menu to Settings> Heating system> Heating and adjust the Installation to radiator or convector.
  • Does none of the above apply or did the suggestions not help? Send a message via the contact form.