Have you already connected the Smile P1 to the internet? Use the Plugwise Home app or login via connect.plugwise.net. 

The smile network is only required during the installation so that you can connect the Smile P1 to the internet.

If the Smile P1 is already connected to the internet, the smile network is no longer needed and therefore not visible.

Are you installing the Smile P1 and do you want to connect the Smile P1 to the internet? And you don't see the smile network?

  • Wait for the Smile P1 to boot up completely before trying to connect to it. The Smile P1 is in registration mode when the “WLAN” and Status” lights are flashing slowly. Only then will you be able to find the Smile P1's network in the list of WiFi networks.

Does it say "smile_lan"? Please contact us via the contact form.