Some ATAG boilers (including the Q-series) have an ATAG bus thermostat input. The installation manual states that you can also connect an OpenTherm thermostat (and therefore also Adam) to this.

If you connect Adam to terminals 20 and 21, an error code C62 may appear on the boiler. This means "Strange OpenTherm thermostat". We can remotely adjust your Adam so that the Adam is accepted by your boiler. We then set Adam to tell the boiler that it is an ATAG thermostat. This makes Adam ATAG-bus compatible. This has the great advantage that Adam can also control your boiler in a modulating manner, which will save a lot of gas consumption. Let us know if you get the error code C62 by creating a support ticket.

Defective ATAG bus connection

It can sometimes happen that it is not possible to get Adam to work with ATAG-bus. Sometimes the ATAG bus connection breaks down after a while (chipset problem). The only solution is to install a new circuit board. The new printed circuit board will then be standard OpenTherm (the protection has now been removed). However, in terms of costs, this is not profitable because it can cost a few hundred euros.