Your Anna is, with a monthly subscription, obtained through the energy supplier NLE (Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij). That is why you should in principle turn to them for support. Unfortunately, the NLE has changed hands and their support for Anna has ended.


In consultation with the NLE, we supported the Annas for another year. This support has now also expired for all Anna's. As a result, your Anna will no longer receive updates, the app will not work and we will no longer be able to offer support. Your Anna will still work, but can only be operated via the display and the local web interface.


Fortunately, we have found a solution for this. You can purchase an Anna extension from us for 1, 2 or 5 years. With this you receive the latest updates for the Anna and you can use the Plugwise Home app. This keeps your Anna up to date and can be controlled at home and away from home via the app. The costs for this are lower than the subscription with the NLE.

For more information about the possible extension options, go to

Extra information:

Still paying for your Anna contract with NLE, but still want to receive the latest updates? Then you can cancel your Anna contract with NLE (prematurely). You have to arrange this yourself with NLE. You can do this by calling the following number; *088-7307377,* or send an email to ** (mention your NLE contract number)*.*

You can keep the Anna. You can then purchase a support package of your choice from us.

Please note: your Anna contract is separate from any energy contract with NLE.