Check the Plugwise connection table to see whether your heat source (boiler, heat pump or district heating) is listed and how you can connect it:

The Anna 24V/OT version works with all heat sources that can be switched on/off (24V, potential free) or work with OpenTherm. A converter may be available for heat sources that work on a modulating protocol other than OpenTherm, see the Plugwise connection table or ask the supplier of the central heating boiler.

The Anna 230V/5A version works with all heat sources that are switched on/off (0-230V, 5A).

Are you unsure whether Anna works with the central heating boiler? Please contact us (088-2433070) or the manufacturer or installer of the heat source and ask whether it has the OpenTherm or on/off protocol (24V, potential free) or the on/off protocol (0-230V, 5A). supports. Ask whether additional actions are required, such as placing a converter, placing resistors, changing the connection points or adjusting the software settings. This is often described in the installation manual of the heat source.