Boiler failure

When a boiler failure is detected by Anna, the screen will turn red and a message icon with an exclamation mark will appear on the screen. You can read this message in the app (See: there is a message icon in the screen). The message will only disappear when the boiler malfunction has been resolved. The screen will also turn blue again.

Consult the boiler manual for solving the boiler fault. Keep in mind that in the event of a boiler failure, Anna may not be able to control the boiler and a temperature change may not be implemented.

Smile not found

If you show Anna a red screen, possibly with the comment "Smile not found" then it is wise to give your Anna a total (database) reset. Usually the problem is solved afterwards. Keep in mind that you will have to setup your Anna afterwards (zip code, schedules, etc.), remove Anna from the Plugwise Home app and add again, and that any historical data will be deleted. You have to be at your Smile-T for this, the white box that is connected to your boiler.

You reset the database by pressing and holding the small black button of the Smile-T 15s.

You can "count" by the flashing of the LED that will flash per second when you hold down the black button.

After 5 seconds the led will flash quickly, then continue counting out loud. From 8 seconds, the LED will start flashing per second again.

As soon as the black button has been pressed for 15s, the green LED will flash faster again, that is the time to release the black button, which will result in a database reset.