There are several possible reasons why Adam will not heat:

  • Adam is not properly connected to the boiler. Check the wires. Also check whether the correct boiler protocol is corect. To do this, go to Settings > Heating system > Boiler in the app or via the web interface ( Is the  right boiler protocol not shown? Then press Update boiler protocol.
  • You are using the Plugwise zone control (Lisa, Tom, Floor, Koen) but the heating control is Off. Open the app or web interface ( Go via the menu to Settings > Heating system > Heating and set the control to Heating. Was the control already set to Heating? Then set it to Off and press save. Then set the control to Heating and press save.
  • Do you see a zone with an orange circle but you don't see a flame? And is the boiler or heat pump connected via OpenTherm? Adam sends the intended boiler temperature to the boiler or heat pump. You can check this via the web interface ( Then go via the menu to Measurements > Boiler. You will then see a black line that is the intended boiler temperature. If this is higher than the boiler temperature, the boiler or heat pump should be heating. It is then up to the boiler / heat pump to decide how that temperature is reached. Especially with hybrid heat pumps, the hybrid heat pump decides whether it switches on itself or whether the boiler switches on. It can sometimes happen that the boiler / heat pump does not switch on (yet). This could be, for example, because they don't want switch on too fast too often.
  • It is possible that your OpenTherm thermostat ignores a changed temperature setting from Adam and does not adopt it. That zone will then jump back in Adam to the set temperature as stated on the OpenTherm thermostat. As a result, the zone may not heat up. If you want to know if your thermostat works with Adam, look here.