If you connect Adam or Anna to a Remeha boiler via OpenTherm, you can use it for modulating and more economical heating. The Remeha Tzerra Ace does not always recognize or see immediately that a thermostat other than the eTwist is connected to it. This is because an eTwist, on/off and OpenTherm thermostat can be connected to the same R-Bus connection.

Follow these steps to detect a new OpenTherm thermostat such as the Adam or Anna:

  1. Disconnect the power from the boiler by removing the plug from the socket.
  2. Remove the old thermostat.
  3. Connect Adam or Anna to the boiler.
    1. With Adam and Anna: connect the Anna Smile-T to Adam.
    2. Connect Anna to the Smile-T.
  4. Connect Adam and/or Anna Smile-T to the internet and power.
  5. Open Adam or Anna in the Plugwise Home app or via connect.plugwise.net . Go to menu > settings > heating system > boiler. Check whether the boiler protocol is set to OpenTherm. Is the protocol on/off? Then do the following:
    - With Adam: Select OpenTherm and click save.
    - With Anna: Reset the Anna by pressing the black button on the Smile-T for 15 seconds. Wait a few minutes and check if the protocol is set to OpenTherm.
  6. Plug the boiler back into the mains socket.
  7. Wait until the boiler display has completed the start procedure (until "LOAD" has passed).
  8. Enter the installer menu:
    1. Press (+) and (enter symbol) button simultaneously.
    2. Select with (-)/(+) installer icon (figure with wrench).
    3. Press (enter symbol).
    4. Enter the code "0012" with (-)/(+) buttons.
    5. Press (enter symbol).
  9. Run Auto-Detect (AD):
    1. Press (+) repeatedly until "AD" is displayed.
    2. Press (enter symbol).
  10. The screen should now briefly show "INIT" more. The boiler then performs auto-detection between R-Bus, OpenTherm or On-Off.

After doing this, Adam/Anna can be used to control the boiler via OpenTherm.