Anna via NLE or ENI/Eneco

Does the Plugwise Home app no longer work and did you order your Anna via NLE, ENI/Eneco or KPN? First look at these pages for more information:

Connect Anna to the internet

Follow these steps on how to reset the WiFi connection and reconnect the Anna to WiFi:


1 - Delete the network settings (optional)


Press the black button on the Smile-T (Anna's white box near the boiler) for 5 seconds: the middle (STATUS) light flashes 5 times, the top light (WLAN) then flashes quickly. The network settings are deleted. Wait for the Smile-T to restart; the middle (STATUS) and top (WLAN) lights blink regularly.



Then follow the steps in the instruction video that you can find here:


The fastest way to connect the gateway to the internet is WPS (if the router supports it), as also explained in the instruction video above. 

First you activate WPS on the router, and shortly afterwards you activate WPS on the Smile, by pressing the black button for 2s. The gateway will be automatically connected to the wifi. As soon as the gateway is connected, the WiFi LED will flash (communicate) irregularly fast, then the gateway will automatically reboot once.


See also this explanation on Youtube:


Or continue with the steps below.


2 - Connect to the Smile-T

  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Smile-T's WiFi network that starts with "smile_", for example "smile_a12bc3".
  • For the password, enter the ID in lower case, so do not use capital letters. The ID consists of 8 letters and is printed on a label on the back of the Smile T.
  • Your phone may report that there is no internet, it doesn't matter for now, continue with the next step.


3 - Connect the Smile T to your WiFi network

  • Navigate in the web browser of your smartphone / tablet / laptop to
  • The “Settings”> “Network settings” page appears automatically.
  • Press "Scan" and select your own WiFi network.
  • Enter the password of your own wifi network
  • Check that DHCP client is on, if not turn it on.
  • Save the settings.

4 - Wait until Anna is connected to the internet

  • Wait until the Smile T-reboots; the middle (STATUS) light is on steadily. When the Smile-T is connected to the network, the top (WLAN) light flashes.



Make sure you reconnect your smartphone / tablet / laptop to the WiFi network on which you have just set up the Smile-T.


5 - Use the Plugwise Home app

Install and open the Plugwise Home app from the Play store:



Use the ID to add the Anna. Entering a name is not required.
Did you already have Anna in the app and it doesn't work? Then first remove Anna from the app. Look here for more information.


For more information, see the manual and the frequently asked questions.