Anna via NLE or ENI/Eneco

Does the Plugwise Home app no longer work and did you order your Anna via NLE, ENI/Eneco or KPN? First look at these pages for more information:

Add again the the app

When adding a Plugwise gateway to the app, a security key is created so that the app on your phone can access it. Sometimes things can go wrong. Then add the gateway again to the Plugwise Home app:

  • Make sure you are connected to the same (home) network as the Plugwise gateway (Anna, Adam, Smile P1).
  • Open the Plugwise Home app.
  • Open the menu and choose 'Gateways'.
  • Swipe the line with the ID of your Plugwise product to the left.
  • Press the garbage can icon / delete.
  • Close the app.
  • Restart the app.
  • Add the ID of your Plugwise product again. If you have multiple Plugwise products in the app, select 'Gateways' in the menu and press the '+' on the bottom right.

Error Messages

Are you seeing any of the following error messages?

  • The remote control settings cannot be retrieved. Try again.
  • Remote control is not enabled for your gateway. Please contact our helpdesk for more information.
  • A blue circle keeps spinning after adding Anna to the app.

If you have an Anna via NLE or ENI/Eneco, see the links above for more information.

Did you buy Anna elsewhere? Then open a new support ticket.